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In the past, we never had a cut-off date for pre-orders. We always ordered extra of every SKU, so we could stay stocked after fulfilling pre-orders. Each variant of Style-Color-Size is a SKU, and we only had 64 SKUs before.


With our recent launch of the Ares, Apollo, Raptor, and Victoria, our SKU count expanded to 203, more than triple. As I’m calculating our factory purchase order for these products, I’m finding an issue: our current sales volume cannot support fully stocking every new SKU. This is even more pronounced in our overseas operations, UK and EU.


However, we still want to offer these products for customers who want rare sizes and colors. I understand personally, as my favorite Carets shoe is a size 7 Ares in Black Nubuck.


For rare colors and sizes, we are only ordering enough to fulfill pre-orders, with no excess to keep in stock. The next restock is scheduled for January, and you have until October 31 to pre-order.


Style-Colors that are not stocked and pre-order only:

  1. Apollo Cap-Toe Oxford, Black
  2. Apollo Cap-Toe Oxford, Cacao
  3. Apollo Cap-Toe Oxford, Honey
  4. Apollo Cap-Toe Oxford, Oxblood
  5. Ares Derby Boot, Black
  6. Ares Derby Boot, Black Nubuck
  7. Ares Derby Boot, Cacao
  8. Ares Derby Boot, Natural Pull-Up
  9. Ares Derby Boot, Oxblood Pull-Up
  10. Falcon Wingtip Oxford, Black
  11. Falcon Wingtip Oxford, Cacao
  12. Falcon Wingtip Oxford, Honey
  13. Fer Cap-Toe Oxford, Cacao
  14. Fer Cap-Toe Oxford, Honey
  15. Fer Cap-Toe Oxford, Oxblood
  16. Raptor Wingtip Oxford, Black
  17. Raptor Wingtip Oxford, Cacao
  18. Raptor Wingtip Oxford, Honey
  19. Raptor Wingtip Oxford, Oxblood
  20. Victoria Wingtip Oxford, Black
  21. Victoria Wingtip Oxford, Black Patent
  22. Victoria Wingtip Oxford, Cacao
  23. Victoria Wingtip Oxford, Honey
  24. Victoria Wingtip Oxford, Oxblood
  25. Zetone Plain-Toe Oxford, Black


Style-Colors that will be stocked in central sizes. Rare sizes (for Men: UK 6.5, 12.5, 13.5 / for Women: UK 9) are not stocked and pre-order only:

  1. Fer Cap-Toe Oxford, Black


This list is not fixed, but based on our current demand. As demand changes, the stock status for a style-color can change too.


Thank you for your understanding and support.


Shop Men's Rare Colors & Sizes

Shop Women's Rare Colors & Sizes

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