What are the Length and Width Measurements of X Size?

This is kind of counter-intuitive, but length and width measurements of the shoe are not very useful. Let me explain!

Before we even entered production, our team made this printout with tracings of the insole for all our sizes. We figured this would be a good way for customers to size themselves. The problem is, these tracings are misleadingly narrow. The sides of the shoe curve out and provide more room than what the insole tracing suggests.

For example, here is minimalist shoe expert Nick Pang's foot over the tracing printout:

According to the printout, he wouldn't even "fit" a size 14! We decided to scrap the tracing method. Instead, we asked him the same questions we asked you (foot length, shoe sizes in other brands, photo of foot) and sized him as a 10.

We've worked with Nick since 2012 and he provides very candid feedback to us, because he wants us to make the best possible products. He's never complained about the width. You can find multiple rave reviews of our shoes on his website http://weartested.org/.

Another thing to note is that Nick's pinky toes are pretty long relative to his big toe. If your pinky toes are shorter relative to your big toe, width will be even less of an issue for you.

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