Exchange Instead of Reorder? (International to

I’m sorry, we don’t do exchanges. Exchanges made sense for brick-and-mortar stores, where the returning goods and replacement goods are exchanged immediately. It doesn't work as well online because of shipping times, and that's why Zappos, Amazon, etc. don't do exchanges.

For the sake of avoiding double taxes, we tried sending free exchanges to international customers in the past. Their government, despite seeing a $0 invoice, still charged them tax for the full item price, so they are taxed twice. On top of that, they don't have a record of a refund for their first order, so they cannot get a refund on the first order's customs. They are stuck with double taxes.

Instead, if we refund your original order, you will have documentation to get a refund on the original order's taxes. But in order for me to give you a refund on the first order, we need you to order and pay for the second pair, or else we don't get any payment at all.

I know that might be confusing, so I hope this made sense! Please let us know if we need to clarify anything further.


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